The time has come when the people of this Republic must stand up and be counted in this cold war of national socialism against our proven and long-held American beliefs. The attempt by the believers and proponents of the pagan philosophy of ?What can I grab for myself? to destroy the age-old Christian concept of ?What may I give,? makes it essential that the men and women be separated from the appeasers. For far too long the citizens of this Republic have compromised with, have avoided facing and taking issue with the reality of what this band of ruthless destroyers really intends. These Machiavellians who dare to deny the identity of man^ deny that man is endowed with mortal and immortal individuality and accountable to a supreme being; they assert instead that man is merely a serf of the state with a beginning and end-all of nothing but homage to that central power group. In this country we have stood by while we have witnessed nationalization of finance; seen the replacement of government by the people with administrative law and regulation through federal commissions, corporations, and administrations; watched taxing power being perverted to destroy all initiative, to confiscate and redistribute wealth, to take and then waste the savings of the public; been spectators to the purchasing of votes of favored millions with billions of the taxpayers funds; observed the development in Washington of the greatest propaganda unit that man ha-s ever known. You have heard of thought control in the countries behind the iron curtain. We have a strong start on the same thing right in this country.