Hon. John W. Brigker
United States Senator from Ohio Member of Senate Banking and Currency Committee Columbus Ohio

A DISTRAUGHT WORLD has Changed the thinking of many people. Nations have chosen new courses under strange leaders and under policies our forefathers discarded centuries ago. Increaised populations and the growth of large cities have created new and challenging social and political problems. Many aspiring political leaders have discarded the clarion call of Patrick Henry ? great liberal of his age ? for ?Liberty or death? and have modernized it to ?Give me security or give me death.? There are many followers, for an insecure society generates a yearning for security.

Our country, where the watchwords of our political philosophy have been ?individual liberty?, ?private business,? ?equality of opportunity?, “” has been caught in the backwash of some of this alien philosophy. Here everyone has yet a voice and a vote ? too often unused ? in the destinies of his community and government. Even though we have given, universal franchise, the assumption of bureaucratic control has weakened that voice and removed policy-making power further from the individual voter.

I believe, and I think the majority of our people still believe, that the greatest security for the individual is citizenship in this Republic.

Believing that, my public service has always been built upon preserving intact our personal liberties, improving individual opportunity, and keeping government responsive to the guiding will of our people. The duty of a good public servant today is to create the atmosphere in which the creative genius of our people will be most encouraged. Upon that creative productive ability we have builded mightily. Our necessaries are the luxuries of many people.