In the light of that philosophy let us briefly look at the program enacted by and remaining before the Congress as it bears upon your expanded and productive business.

Our free enterprise system was on trial before the First Session of our 81st Congress, Except for the National Housing Act of 1949 and the dangerous policy of peacetime deficit financing it was not much more friendly to the growing state socialism than was the 80th Congress. But the margin of protection against substituting police state controls for traditional American liberties has been greatly lessened.

Remember that the 80th Congress, much maligned in the last campaign, is the only one that has balanced the budget and reduced taxes in the last 16 years. Cutting the cost of government and reducing the burden of taxes lie at the very bottom of any program of progress.

Scrutiny of false promises and resistance to bureaucratic planning come finally from those who have made their own way. The hard core of that group are those who have acquired their homes through their own thrift and initiative.