FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS Financial institutions include commercial banks, S&Ls, credit unions, finance companies, and brokerage houses. Financial institutions are the major interface with retailers for establishing credit card programs including authorization, transaction processing, and check clearance. Financial institutions are also a major marketeer of check verification/guarantee services.


POTENTIAL FOR ADDITIONAL SERVICES ? The market for CCAS/CGS is made even more attractive by the high potential for offering additional services, both to the existing client base and in other market areas. ? The technology for offering CCAS/CGS is directly applicable to the delivery of additional services that address needs within the existing client […]

Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve Board?s 1949 Survey of Consumer Finance shows: 20,000,000 nonfarm families own their own homes; the equity in these homes is $132 billion; the average equity value is $7,000; of these 20,000,000 homeowners, 55% have no mortgages; there are now more homeowners than renters; 6,000,000 have been added since the war.


This market focus report is produced by INPUT as a part of the Processing Services Program of INPUT’S Market Analysis and Planning Service (MAPS). The report analyzes credit card authorization/check guarantee services markets in the United States.


Hon. John W. Brigker United States Senator from Ohio Member of Senate Banking and Currency Committee Columbus Ohio A DISTRAUGHT WORLD has Changed the thinking of many people. Nations have chosen new courses under strange leaders and under policies our forefathers discarded centuries ago. Increaised populations and the growth of large cities have created new […]